Decision on Bovis Planning Appeals

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has just released (10th August) the Secretary of State's decision on the Planning Appeals lodged by Bovis on the refusal of it's two applications on land between East Hunsbury and Collingtree Village.

Application A was for outline permission for 1000 houses, a mixed use local centre, a primary school, reconfiguration of Collingtree Park Golf Course, demolition of all existing buildings, a new vehicular access off Windingbrook Lane, sustainable drainage systems and associated infrastructure including highway improvements. This application was upheld and permission granted subject to conditions on air quality, flooding and traffic.

Application B was for full planning permission for 378 dwellings (as a first phase of the 1000) served from a new access from Windingbrook Lane and reconfiguration of part of Collingtree Park Golf Club, including a new temporary hole 17, car parking, sustainable drainage and infrastructure including highway improvements.
This application was dismissed and permission refused.

The Secretary of State accepted the Inspector's view that Application B ( land adjoining Collingtree and the fields to the west of Barn Corner and the old Golf Academy) would impact on the heritage and setting of the Church and Conservation Area.

The applicant, Bovis, can appeal against this decision and also come forward with a revised scheme. It remains to be seen if the development scheme will remain viable and able to meet all the conditions required. As of February 2017, there has been no revised application from Bovis.

A report by Civitas, a respected think tank, has found that more than two million planning permits were issued between 2006 and 2015 - which would be enough to build an average of 204,000 homes a year. However, foundations have been laid on only 1.26 million, suggesting that developers and landowners are just sitting on the permissions.

The Secretary of State's full decision based on the Inspector's Report can be seen here.

The importance of Village Heritage

The Inspector's recommendation, which was accepted by the Secretary of State, was heavily influenced by the Proof of Evidence presented by the expert witness on Heritage matters Mr Ignus Froneman B.Stud. ACIFA IHBC.  Mr Froneman's Report provided justification for the retention of fields to the west of Barn Corner, as an important setting for the village, the Conservation Area and St Columba's Church.
The Proof of Evidence, together with maps and photographs is well worth reading and can be accessed on the links below.

NBC_Heritage_Proof_of_Evidence.pdf NBC_Heritage_Proof_of_Evidence.pdf
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Roxhill are proceeding with their proposals for a 5m sq ft warehouse park on 457 acres of green fields next to Junction 15 and 250 yds from Collingtree. A new web site has been set up to raise awareness of this proposal and the planning process that will apply. In effect the Government will decide. Links to the relevant documents and who to contact with your views are also included on the website.

The link is: