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What's new on this site

See new page 'Warehouse Wasteland' for background on Roxhill Warehouse plan at Junction 15 next to Collingtree,

Government decision on Bovis applications now made  - See Planning Watchdog page for details and link to full report. See also link to full Heritage Reports which stress the importance of fields to the West of Barn Corner as a setting for the village, St Columba's Church and the Conservation

See new page under History - 'Collingtree and the Great War' for research by Steve Warwick into the casualties and survivors of WW1 who had close links with Collingtree.

Recent addition to the fabric of St Columba's provided by the 'Friends' Group See St Columba's page

'Just Collingtree' is a site is for anyone with an interest in the past, present and future of a small Northamptonshire village. 

There are some ten thousand villages in Britain. Two hundred years ago 80% of people lived in a village - now 80% live in towns.

Hundreds of old villages are now simply suburbs of a modern town. But others have kept their identity, character and community spirit.

Collingtree was once a few farms clustered around a church surrounded by open fields  - today it still survives squeezed between the M1 motorway and the A45 major trunk road into Northampton.

It still has its church, its pub, its school and its Village Room and, despite all the changes, it remains a village  - proud of its long history and separate identity.

This site aims to provide a scrapbook in words and pictures of Collingtree  - past and present.

 Who knows about the future?

 Collingtree looking North from the M1 in 2004.

Collingtree looking South West in 2004.                 Photographs: Peter Skinner. Pilot: John Blake.