On the Road to Naseby                               


On Saturday and Sunday, 13th & 14th September 2008, events connected with Collingtree and the English Civil War, were recreated in and around the village church, school and ancient village pub.

The Wooden Walls of Old England pub (then called 'The Ship') was briefly taken over by Roundhead soldiers in 1645, on their way to fight at the Battle of Naseby. They drank the pub dry and left without paying the bill of 4 shillings, sixpence & three farthings. One of the soldiers was killed during a brawl and his ghost is still said to wander the narrow village lanes, looking for his comrades.

The weekend  focussed on  drills and demonstrations by Sir William Pennyman's Regiment of  Foot, part of the English Civil War Society, which set up camp in the village. Also included in the weekend programme:

  • A display in St Columba's Church recording its links with the Civil War Period.
  • Tea & cakes (including 17th century recipes) and light lunches in Collingtree's historic Village Room.
  • A Soldiers billet and camp kitchen in the garden of the Wooden Walls.
  • The re-creation of a Jacobean Officers Dinner with guests instructed in the ways of 17th Century Dining Etiquette.
The weekend began on the Friday afternoon, with a visit by members of the Civil War Society to Collingtree Primary School to give a class talk and demonstration as part of the school's history curriculum. It ended on Sunday morning with a Service at St Columba's  in the style of the Civil War period.

The  event also coincided with an Open Heritage Weekend held throughout Northampton Borough and free transport to and from the Town Centre was provided by Vintage Bus enthusiasts.

Many of the photographs below were taken by Dave Williams.

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